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Killing Me Softly With Task Guides

Over the past few years, I’ve been trying to help users with simple guides for doing the most common tasks in AX 2012. With the release of the new Dynamics AX (aka AX 7), a brand new task recorder feature set has been released. Task recorders now manifest as in-product help called Task guides.

Task guides are an amazing piece of technology and engineering. The whole experience is awesome for helping to train users and help them remember how to execute functions in Dynamics AX. For me it means the style of books I used to write is no longer needed; it’s time to find a new angle.

Creating a new task recording

Click on Settings (gear icon) > Task recorder.2016-02-28_18-05-57

Create a new recording.

Give the recording a name and description. Click OK.

Step through the process in AX. Each step will show up in the Task recorder window.

Each step will have default text, but the text can be modified by clicking on the edit icon.

When finished with the recording, click on the Stop button.

Save the Task recording. The best option is to save to LCS (I’ll be blogging more about LCS in the future), but for purposes of this example Save to this PC.

Playing the Task guide

Click on Settings (gear icon) > Task recorder.

Play recording as guide to step through each step in Dynamics AX.

Open the Task guide from this PCBrowse for the task recording file. Click on Open task guide then Start task guide.

Now the cool part! AX will point exactly where to click for each step, and display any additional instructions supplied while recording the guide.

Six Months of AX Content in One Post

Too many client go-lives and good summer weather have destroyed my blogging rhythm. So in a fit of craziness I decided to post every video from the incredible iPad manual “AX 2012 Core Financials”.

General Ledger Videos

Bank Management Videos

Accounts Receivable Videos

Accounts Payable Videos

Let me know in the comments how much time this buys me until I need to post again…


Project Setup – Validations

The final post in the Project setup series is on Validations. Validations limit the Workers or Categories that can be entered against a Project.

The videos in the Project setup are only part of the AX 2012 Projects textbook. Experience the whole manual including tips, step-by-step instructions, interactive screenshots, and videos; also, jokes, which an enthusiastic reader described to me as “sometimes funny.”

Project Setup – Project Contracts

This week I wanted to do a series of posts on Project setup. The series will show the key setup steps required to create a new Project.

First off is creating a new Project contract. The Contract is the mechanism in AX for assigning one or more Projects to be invoiced together.

Check out the full experience of the AX 2012 Projects training manual.

Creating a New Product

This week I wanted to share some information on creating new Products in AX 2012.

The Product structure in AX can seem a bit confusing at first, but there are two main components: Products and Released products. A Product defines the physical attributes of an item, is shared across companies, and is assigned a Product number. A Released product defines the company specific financial, production, and warehousing settings of an item and is assigned an Item number.

In this video, the creation of the item is done from the Released product form. By starting in this form, both the Product and Released product are created at the same time.

More details on this and other processes are available in the AX 2012 Trade manual.